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I will start by letting everyone know that I am an avid Walmart shopper.  I had done other stores in the past but when a Super Walmart was built nearby and I found that I could get a screwdriver,shower curtain, children’s socks, a television, potting soil and groceries all in one store it became my main store for shopping.

It is a running joke in my family that if a product is available in the “Great Value Brand” I will buy it before the brand name product.  I have actually been in the store and had my daughter say sarcastically “didn’t they have that in the Great Value brand mom?”.  If you are not familiar with Great Value it is Walmart’s store brand for products.  So I have to admit there is almost 100% truth to what they say.  Unless I have a coupon that makes a brand name product cost the same or less than the generic equivalent I will buy generic.  The bad part is that I make my family the guinea pigs to determine what I continue to buy generic or what items I need to stay brand loyal to.  I do find that usually most generic products are equal to the quality of brand name products however you will find some that are not.  So yes it is a game of trial and error.  Thankfully I am not lacking for opinions in my home when something generic (or even brand name) just isn’t working out.  If you haven’t used a generic brand give it a try to see if your family notices, you never know!!!! What experiences do you have with generic products versus brand name products?

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  1. Many people are afraid to try brands that they did not grow up with, however it can fun to try new brands if you make it into an adventure. I am with you, it seems worth the occasional disappointment to save lots of money that can be spent elswhere.

  2. we ALWAYS buy generic – except for sliced cheese. We love the Texas show Downs at HEB – their brand versus the brand name. Very fun! And free food in the bargain!

  3. We are NOT Walmart shoppers (sorry sis)! We live in upstate New York, and Walmart has a hard time competing with the local grocery stores (which are AMAZING… ahhh… Wegmans). So our Walmart here is the bottom of the barrel. Most of the time it’s trashy, unorganized, and not Super! I think I would have a different impression of Walmart if I lived elsewhere. When I lived in Lancaster PA – the highlight of my day was to stroll through the new Super Walmart, because it was the ONLY place to shop! I don’t have the luxury of an all in one shopping experience, so for me it’s multiple stops, and for where we live… this is Target country!

    Anyway… enough of my Walmart rant. I generally shop the generic store brands. However, I’ve noticed that several times when I’m shopping, the stores will have the name brand on sale to be equivalent to the store brand, and then I can use coupons to save even more! Those are great deals, however, I usually buy store brand!

    • I totally understand and you are doing what I did and finding the best store to fit as many of your needs then shopping the deals. If it wasn’t Wal-Mart it would be another store that fit my criteria the best. Target here is also really popular. We have a large Target store semi-close that has a full grocery area but prices always seem to be higher then Wal-Mart. Our closest Target recently added more grocery area to compete with the Super Wal-Mart. I usually only shop Target when they I can stack their store coupon with a manufactures coupon, otherwise I just price-match all the good deals Target, local grocery stores and pharmacy stores are advertising at Wal-mart. All in all, it is just nice to find somewhere to get everything done in as little trips as possible and save money!

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