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We all know how successful the Twilight, Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings books and movies have been.  There is a new book series that is gaining momentum especially on the teen scene.  The first book of the series is called The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.  The Hunger Games movie based on the book is out March 23.  “Catching Fire” and “Mockingjay” are the other two books in the series.

My daughter who is in junior high was loaned the first book “The Hunger Games” during midterm exams when she had a ton of free time to read in between tests.  Within just a few days she was begging for us to go buy the next book in the series and a few days after that begging again for the final book.  Although my daughter reads she has never been so enthralled with a book or series.  She has read a few Harry Potter books but not Twilight so we do not have much to compare on those series but she is a huge fan of those movies.  My husband and I have both read the Lord of the Rings series and the whole family are also huge fans of that movie series.  We certainly will be in line for The Hunger Games movie when it is released March 23rd.  Based on her excitement for the books we hope the movie is a success and they film the whole series.  What other books have you or your children read that would compete with Harry Potter, Twilight, Lord of the Rings and now The Hunger Games?


Comments on: "The Hunger Games Series: A Teen Success" (6)

  1. Hopefully the film will be as good as the book.

  2. Nothing can compete with Harry Potter and The Hunger Games….
    I hope the movie won’t be a disappointment, but from what i’ve seen in the trailers it will be epic.

    • The trailers do look good and I had seen them before my daughter had brought home the books and got so excited. It would be nice to have a new movie series once Twilight is finished!

      • I think since Harry Potter and Twilight ended/will end soon The Hunger Games will be the next big fandom for teenagers.

  3. These books are AMAZING!!! It’s captivated our entire family. We are SO excited for March!

    • We actually were watching the trailer last night and my daughter was going crazy! She was naming who all the characters were and what was happening with the scenes. It looks awesome!

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