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Who Loves Hockey?

My husband and I went on a date the other night to a Houston Aero’s Hockey Game.  Let me share first that my husband loves everything sports and will watch just about anything sports related on T.V.  I joke with him that if nothing else was on T.V. he would watch competitive underwater basket weaving.  I on the other hand am not a big T.V. sports watcher but do love to go to live games.  We also enjoy MMA and UFC fighting and that I definitely will watch on T.V.  So right about now I am guessing you are thinking we just loves to watch violence when you factor in our like for hockey and fighting matches.  There may be some truth to that because after the hockey game I commented to my husband that it was a very clean low-key game.  There wasn’t much slamming into the walls, tripping, pushing, or any other aggressive activities you see at a hockey game.  There was only one fight and it was so lame compared to what I see at home with my own children.  It was broken up before it ever started.  I guess I was hoping for an UFC fight to break out in the middle of the hockey game.  Now wouldn’t that be something?

This did however bring back memories of when my girls were toddlers.  The Aero’s had a special evening where if you brought a box of macaroni noodles to the game you would get a discount on your tickets.  The macaroni was to be used as a noise maker during the game and then donated in boxes as you walk out and given to local food banks.  Well, I don’t know how everyone else ended up but our boxes of macaroni were so broken up into little pieces we have no idea how anyone could make a meal of it.  But the girls had a blast making noise with them.

What is your favorite sport and why?

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  1. You know, Hockey for me is like a bad accident. You try to get a glimpse of what’s going on (such a fast pace, you don’t know where the puck is half the time) and then when there is a fight you have to stare! I think my favorite thing about hockey is the cowbell! I love cowbells and think it’s hilarious that you ring a cowbell to “support” or “distract” the teams. Why cowbells? Anyway, my favorite memory of Hockey is going with my boys for the first time and 1. watching a video clip of Christopher Walken doing an SNL skit as a music producer telling the band that “you know, I think this song could use more cowbell” (HILARIOUS) and 2. watching my 6 and 8 year old boys at the time root on a fight! (Comically WRONG). Or there’s the time we went as a family and the boys and I were totally engaged in the game (cowbells in hand), and my husband (not a huge sports fan) was reading a book! Good memories!

    My all-time favorite sport would be college basketball! I especially LOVE march madness – there’s just something great about the frenzy of games down to the finals!

  2. Hockey because I grew up watching it 🙂

  3. jumpingpolarbear said:

    Wish my girlfriend would want to watch MMA with me 🙂

    • MMA is just something you are into or not. Unlike other sports where you can have things you like and dislike, MMA is just pure fighting, blood, sweat and men rolling around on the floor all over each other. I can see where some women are just not into it but those of us who are love it!

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