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Me and my daughter were huge Lost fans. It was a bitter-sweet moment when Lost ended, but we knew that something else would eventually come along that would be just as exciting. We have been able to see three episodes of Alcatraz and so far it is mysterious, action filled and a little haunting.

The plot is of the prison being closed but instead of the prisoners being transferred as everyone was told they actually had disappeared.  There is an ongoing mystery as to where they went and how they are coming back.   The back story of each man at Alcatraz is shown before they disappearing and their struggles and relationships at that time.  These men are now coming back one at a time and committing crimes again in the current day.  These men have to be tracked down without the public knowing about who they really are and then housed in a secret prison that is an exact replica of Alcatraz that is built underground in an unknown location.

There is a limited amount of people who  are part of a secret organization that know about this phenomenon  and their operations are run  in a secret building below Alcatraz.  Joining their team is a detective whose grandfather turns out to be one of the prisoners that is back and recently killed her partner.  She chooses a new partner when she joins this secret organization and he is a comic book writer who had studied and written books about Alcatraz and the prisoners.  He is able to inform the team about each prisoner and help track their whereabouts based on their past habits.  This character is played by Jorge Garcia who played Hurley in Lost and was one of my favorite characters.  He is becoming one of my favorite characters in Alcatraz as well.  So far Alcatraz has met my expectations and I hope it continues to bring the mystery, twists, and adventure that Lost had brought for so many years.

What shows were your favorite in the past and what shows do you like now that have the same excitement for you?

Comments on: "Will Alcatraz be as good as Lost?" (1)

  1. We loved the Stargate series.

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