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The kids are awfully quiet!

A friend the other day was mentioning how stressful it is with her very active child because she has to constantly be monitoring what he is doing. If she takes her eyes off him he is into something. Sometimes it just gets too quiet and you know something is up!

Do kids have a mommy radar that they just know when we are occupied and can get into anything they want? I know that as soon as the phone rings that is my kids cue to start fighting or they need to ask me 20 questions! When they were younger my husband would go to mow the lawn on a Saturday and I would clean the house. When he came in I would tell him “you missed it!” I had cleaned the whole house but I swear the kids followed behind me messing it back up!

So I was sharing with my friend this story of when my daughters were toddlers and I have to share it with you too. I was working an evening shift and my husband was home with the girls. He was busy taking care of cleaning up dinner and getting household things taken care of when he realized he had not seen the girls in a bit and it was really quiet. He walked to the back bedroom noticed their door was shut. He opened the door and couldn’t see a thing! There was baby powder all over the room and it was like walking into a fog. He called out their names and suddenly in the fog he could see four little eyes peering back at him. Needless to say it is funny now but at the time it was a huge mess. Although he cleaned up what he could we would find baby powder on things weeks and months later! Then sometime that same year he had a very similar situation where he found them smearing  diaper rash cream on the television!  It did come off the screen but it would not completely come out of the crevices of the plastic sides of the T.V.  Yuck!

What mischief have your kids gotten into when you have found the house was just a little too quiet?


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  1. When Maiya was crawling, I all of a sudden realized I couldn’t find her anywhere (= instant 20 gray hairs). I called & looked and looked & called, and finally found her in the laundry room enjoying cheeks full of lunch from the dog’s bowl.

    Thomas is our stealth decorator; every time my back is turned, he’s doodling on the furniture! One time he got a hold of mascara and doodled all over his face and my bedding. I could go on for a long time :o)

    • Oh we had a few Picasso’s in our house. Thank goodness the magic eraser was invented! We all have stories and I love to hear them cause it makes me feel a little more normal! Notice I said a little more, I am very aware that I am not totally normal! Ha ha.

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