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Why does…….?

Why does…….

  • Everything taste better with bacon?
  • Traffic lanes move faster after you have just changed out of that lane?
  • Graham crackers soak up moisture from the air like a sponge and get soggy so quickly?
  • Something that sounded awesome and was put on your dinner menu for the week now sounds repulsive the rest of the week and is never fixed?
  • Things always look more positive after a piece of chocolate?
  • A celebrity endorsement make something more appealing?
  • A person wear flip-flops when going on a cave tour?
  • Mom’s shirt become your napkin or Kleenex?
  • All the T.V. channels go on commercial break at the same time?
  • The car break down just as you paid off the last car repair bill?
  • Being famous mean you are cool for giving your child a whacked out name?
  • Food always taste better when someone else makes it?
  • Someone text you when they are sitting in the next room?
  • A hot shower feel so good?
  • Someone come into an empty movie theater and sit literally right behind you?
  • Your child wait before the day a school project is due to mention it?
  • Something go on sale just after you bought it at full price?
  • Every class assign homework on the one night you have no time?
  • Rubbing your eyes sometimes feel so good that you can’t stop rubbing them?
  • The hospital send you home without an owners manual when you have a baby?
  • All the clothes seem to be thrown on the floor right in front of the clothes hamper?
  • A child go all day at school with one bathroom break but has to go twice during a one hour church meeting?
  • Leaving your cell phone at home make you panic and turn around to go get it?
  • Your car only make that noise when your husband is not around?
  • Your child beg for a box of cereal they just have to have when they will only be eating one bowl and then leaving it to go bad in the cupboard?
  • Running into your neighbors while out shopping happen more often than seeing each other where you actually live?
What are your why’s?

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