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What Kids Say in Public

How many times have you been walking through the store with your child and they not so quietly say “who farted” or “I need to go pooh”? Oh the joys of parenthood as you usually are surrounded by crowds of people who also get to enjoy the moment. Have you ever had the pleasure of your really young child deciding the store is a good place to discuss their new knowledge of what makes boys and girls different and your efforts to get them to stop talking or whisper are futile?

I guess this could be expanded to include actions as well as words. I have had my children doing the potty dance in public with their hands holding certain body parts and screaming they need to go to the bathroom.

I always enjoyed the awkward moments when standing in the check out lane or just walking around a store and out pops “that lady is really fat” or “look at that guys blue hair”. That person of course is standing two feet in front of you and is now giving you the stare glare. Of course as adults we understand the ramblings and innocence of small children, but what about the times this happens with the not so small children? I have turned every shade of red known to man out of embarrassment and then turned blue in the face as I held my breath to keep me from going off on my child right there. You often just do that apologetic eye contact with the insulted party and all is good because in that moment they know once in the car or at home that child is getting an ear full!

There are some good teaching moments in those later conversations with children about proper social skills and what is appropriate in public. Although we all see things we consider different or weird we learn to keep it to ourselves out of respect for others and we all had to learn those manners at some point too. It just seems that those teaching moments happen more often  in that humiliating public setting more than at home in a controlled environment!

Just to be fair to the children I have witnessed many elderly people who obviously are hard of hearing also not so quietly making comments. Their adult children or caregivers who are accompanying them look just a surprised and embarrassed as us younger parent’s.

What are your stories of the embarrassing comments or actions your child has made in public?

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