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I often will hear a song and it becomes stuck in my head all day long. Even after trying to listen to other music I will find I still begin humming the same tune eventually sometime that day. It would be okay if it was a song I liked but often it is to the contrary. Like the time I had to catch a flight for a business trip and on the way to the airport my husband was singing a goofy variation of the alphabet song. I am sure you have guessed that yes I indeed was humming and singing that song for TWO DAYS! So my question is why does it always have to be songs that annoy me or are silly that get stuck in my head?

I also have a daughter who is extremely silly, sarcastic and loves to tease. In her defense she takes after both of her parents so this is a naturally inherited trait that she does so well! She loves to push my buttons by purposely singing a song she knows will annoy me and likely get stuck in my head.

Then there are the times I start to sing a song and wonder where in the world that came from. I haven’t heard it recently and I just realize I am singing or humming it. I actually was in Wal-Mart one day totally by myself and suddenly realized I was humming a tune from The Little Mermaid. My kids are a little older so it had been some time since we had seen that movie so that in itself was weird. Doesn’t it seem weird to you for a 30 something woman all alone to be singing “Part of Your World” from a Disney movie?

I also have the wonderful talent of hearing someone say a word and it immediately triggers a connection with a song that I start singing or hear it playing as a constant stream in my head.

How do you get a song out of your head?

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  1. My hubby does this to me all the time…on purpose. I hate it!!!! And then he laughs about it. He’s even called from work to see what song is stuck in my head. He’s emailed a single word to me, knowing full well that I’ll be humming for hours later. Lately, I’ve noticed that my little guy has the same susceptibility to this…I haven’t taken advantage of it, but it’s only a matter of time before hubby notices…and little guy will be a victim too. Of course, Hubby could also teach little guy how to use “the force” against me…at least I sing in tune…in my head…for hours. As Hubby says, “I always try to use my powers for good rather than the forces of evil…and then I come home”.

    • Too funny. Will be interesting to see where things go with your little one and if he also plays you or if he will get played. I know it can be annoying for them to purposely do it, but it shows they love us, in their own way!

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