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Lets just say CREEPY! Not sure if I have any fingernails left after the premier of ABC’s The River from Executive Producer Steven Spielberg. This show has 6 episodes and if they are anything like the premier it will be chilling and unpredictable. I certainly am not planning any trips to The Amazon anytime soon!

This is one of those shows where the whole time you are saying:

“Why are you going in there?”

“Don’t open that!”

“Are you really going to sleep there?”

“Look behind you!”

and “Seriously drop the stupid camera and run!”

There were several scenes where you almost get a glimpse of something and we indeed tried to rewind back a few times to see what was “almost” there. If we weren’t creeped out enough what you see when on pause is unsettling to say the least!

I won’t give it away but if you like a little suspense and a little of the heebie-jeebies you have to see this. It certainly is not for the whole family because it can get pretty intense at times. I am taken back to the show “Lost” when they first encountered the smoke monster. This show also has something lurking around their boat that you never really get much more than a slight glimpse of but it is on the attack. So every tree they stand near or every dark room they walk into you are on the edge of your seat in anticipation! In one part of the premier they stumble upon a section of  trees in the forest that has to have 500 toy dolls tied to or hanging from them. These apparently are an offering to a “presence” the locals feel is there based on a legend. It certainly was the most creepy part of the show and I am going to think twice about sleeping in a room with a doll. I have never seen the movie Child’s Play with the doll Chucky but now I know I never will!

The River is on ABC 9/8c on Tuesdays.  Click below to see scenes from the premier and let me know what you thought of “The River”!!!!

Comments on: "Holy CREEPERS! New ABC show “The River”" (5)

  1. I’m too freaked out by the teasers – there’s NO way I can watch the show. I spook so easily!

  2. So did you like that show? Are you going to keep watching it? And I agree, bring Flash Forward back! NOW!

    • I loved Flash Forward and not sure why it was ever cancelled. I actually so far am liking this new one just cause I like shows with suspense and the heebie-jeebie moments. I am not a horror movie person but this was okay to me. Will see where it goes but if it keeps up the pace it has so far it will be awesome! You just have to like that kind of thing though cause it can be pretty intense at times!

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