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I am all about convenience. Fixing a meal certainly is not the highlight of my day so anything that will make that process faster, easier and healthier is right up my alley. We have used a propane gas grill or a traditional charcoal grill for much of our cooking. I do like that meats cooked on a grill are not sitting in fat like when cooked in a griddle or frying pan. Frankly though I hate starting up the grill to heat or waiting for the charcoal briquettes to be ready. I certainly don’t like cleaning up the gunky messy grill plates later. Also the last thing I want to do in the high temperature and humidity of Houston is be outside cooking in front of a hot grill. So where is the happy medium that balances that out?

For my birthday my sweet husband and kids bought me an indoor grill. This is the George Foreman Grand Champ Family Value Grill. Each time I use it I am more excited about the benefits this indoor grill offers and excited to actually cook a meal. The one thing this does not offer that you get with a traditional grill would be the smokey flavor but other than that it does the job very well. This particular grill is just one of many products offered by the George Foreman Line and is their larger family size grill.

There are so many things to love! First of all it does not require any cooking spray. You simply start it heating and the indicator light lets you know when it is ready, which isn’t very long. Being family sized I easily was able to cook 6 hamburger patties on it. What is fabulous is the lid closes down to allow cooking on both sides at the same time offering evenly cooked food, no need to turn anything over, and the food actually cooks faster. This grill is slanted to allow juices and fat to run off into a drip tray. Clean up is extremely easy too because once it has cooled off you simply wipe it clean with a towel and warm water. Any juice or food debris can be easily scraped off with the special spatula scraper they provide. The grill does not need to be washed other than that and the drip pan and spatula scraper are both dishwasher safe. It is by far the easiest clean up of any cooking methods I have done.

So far I  have enjoyed cooking chicken, hamburgers and shrimp and look forward to many other adventures with my new indoor grill. So a special shout out thank you to my family for the fabulous gift!

What products are your favorites or make cooking more convenient?

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  1. That’s funny… I just got rid of my old Foreman grill (small 4 burger grill) because of my NEW Cuisinart grill. It’s fabulous!

    It has two plates that are detachable for easy clean up, and they are reversible with one side being a grill and the other side being a flat griddle surface. It even has a drip tray. It’s pretty amazing.

    I think indoor grills are pretty cool all across the board. I even keep my grill on the counter because it’s so easy to use!

    • Well this was just a surprise and a good one. Our outdoor grill is disgusting so we don’t use it. We do use a charcoal grill but again the time involved waiting for briquettes means we don’t do it very often. I have been shying away from cooking anything that would be sitting in a bath of fat while cooking so I am loving the ability to fix those grill recipes again! I hadn’t looked into other brands but for the little amount of cooking that I like to actually do this is working great so far. Glad to see you have something working for you. The reversible trays are a nice feature too. We will have to compare experiences later and how our lives are so improved!

  2. I love my new electric pressure cooker by Cuisinart that Santa brought me (not Jon though – Ha Ha!)! Raw chicken dinner is ready in 6 minutes flat and the chicken comes out juicy and full of flavor! I love it!

    • That is something on my list too. Problem is I think I need a new kitchen first cause I have no room to put anything! Tell you what when we buy that cabin mansion we can share the kitchen and gadgets!

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