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You can’t make this up! My son actually said that to me one night this week. We have a chore chart that rotates each week and some weeks are done better than others. My son is by far the best at doing his chores without being asked and he is only 9. This week his chore was dishes and he made sure they were done! I even found the dishwasher going the other morning to my surprise because I don’t remember many dishes in the sink. Of course when I opened the dishwasher there indeed were only 4 dishes in there and it was going! Too cute! I had to explain to him later that he can load the dishwasher and wait until the end of the day when it is more full to run them.

So back to the title. After doing the dishes one night he decided to clean off the kitchen counter with the cleaning spray. He then moved to the table. Then just started cleaning things around the house like the shower doors, sinks, bathroom counters, etc. That is when we said it was bedtime and he said “I’m not tired can I stay up and clean? Oh if we could only bottle that type of enthusiasm for cleaning! I am still trying to figure out if he really was having fun cleaning or if he just thought that would allow him to stay up later.

We have tried to make our children understand the importance of work as well as the need to help around the house because they live there too. This education and experience will hopefully follow them when they leave home. Their rooms are their responsibility, however most days it looks like a bomb went off. Their idea of cleaning their room is find the closest area to shove something under or into and now that it is “out of sight” it is clean. We are still working on that!  We started with chores when they were younger and of course they were more basic but have progressed to larger responsibilities or ones they are required to do without help now that they are older. Our chore chart now consists of 3 different major chores that will rotate each week so they each get a chance to do something different weekly.

  • Laundry:  
  1. Pick up all laundry around house on floors and from baskets
  2. Sort laundry
  3. Fold laundry and help put up
  • Dishes:
  1. Pick up dirty dishes from around the house
  2. Load dishwasher
  3. Empty dishwasher
  4. Clean counters and dining table
  • Floors/Trash/Bathrooms:
  1. Clean trash from floors
  2. Sweep and spot mop floors
  3. Take out the trash
  4. Clean bathrooms once during the week

What chores do your children do around the house?


Comments on: "“I’m Not Tired, Can I Stay Up and Clean?”" (9)

  1. I am still trying to figure out if he really was having fun cleaning or if he just thought that would allow him to stay up later

    Either way, it’s a win/win situation for everyone involved! I think it’s important to have children contribute to the maintenance of the household. My toddler is learning it now. We don’t ask him to do much but he observes our actions and wants to join in: at 18 months he was asking for paper towels to mop up his spilled juice 🙂

    • That is awesome you are involving him even if he cannot contribute much. If he always has known to help then hopefully he will continue as you give him more responsibility. That is a great example!

  2. Mine put their dishes in the dishwasher and help with dinner when it’s something I can handle ;o) They also bring their dirty laundry baskets to the laundry room and are supposed to take the empty ones back to their rooms. They are to keep their rooms clean (HAH!) and make their beds every morning (also HAH!).

    I’d love to expand into vacuuming but little T is still at an age where he just loves to vacuum up everything in his path.

    The kids also bring in the empty trashcans off the street when they remember.

  3. I don’t have kids, but I identify with the title of this post. I am an adult and I have been known to clean for hours at a time and I like to start cleaning usually around 10pm at night. I can do this because my roommate works nights and the neighbours are always making noise at all hours any way. I like cleaning maybe a bit too much since my friends are hiring me out to other people. I get into the groove of cleaning and off I go. I also emotional clean as well, if I am bored, restless or angry I clean. I tell all my friends and anyone I am dating if you see me in rubber gloves holding a toothbrush RUN! LOL When I clean with a toothbrush it means something big has happened and I don’t want to deal with just yet, so I take it out on dirt and grim.
    I like that you’re installing good habits and work ethics. I grew up with them too and it has made me a much better adult. Hopefully your son will keep his gusto for cleaning and apply that to everything he does!

    • I personally hate to clean but that said when I start I do get in a groove and usually end up doing more then I had planned. Like if I sweep the floor and see a spot of something that needs a little spot mopping, the whole floor usually ends up getting mopped cause I am there. I am notorious though for starting in one room and as I go to put something away in another room I see something in there and start on that. I have got to learn to make notes of other things and go back and finish the task I was on or finish one room at a time. Maybe I should develop the habit of cleaning when I am emotional instead of eating or watching a movie!

      • “…and usually end up doing more then I had planned.” I do the same thing. I start say cleaning the top of the stove, then decide that the oven needs to be cleaned, then I pull out the stove and clean there. The I forget that I want to cook on the stove that is why I was cleaning it and 3 hours later I still haven’t eaten and have made more of a mess then when I started.
        Funny how we get on a roll, but it isn’t a focused one. 🙂

      • On a roll is exactly what it is! Maybe that is why I don’t do much major cleaning on a daily basis is because I know myself and I will just keep going and going! Not always a bad thing, but time gets away from me and often I have other things needing to be done!

  4. Can I clone your son!? Lol

    • I know, I think that all the time. If I could have a million more just like him I would. It doesn’t hurt that he is as adorable as can be and will be a lady killer when he is older. Especially if he keeps up doing housework, opening doors and snuggling!

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