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  1. You know a commercial is played to often when you know the jingle and find yourself singing it often. That is good advertising on their part because even if you don’t need their services you still recall their product from the jingle.
  2. What is with the commercials that have just a weird spokes person or character that just won’t go away? I won’t name any specific commercials but we all find those that are just annoying or even a little on the weirdo freaky side. Those companies just keep making more with that strange annoying spokes person or character. I guess the same could be said for off the wall weird or inappropriate slogans.
  3. How about the commercials that are just so hilarious or otherwise awesome to the point that you really didn’t even pay attention to what the commercial was selling? Some go to huge lengths to make sure the commercial is so outgoing that they lose sight of making sure their product is featured. We have laughed at dozens of commercials and even talked about them later to only realize we have no idea if they were selling jeans, beer, or car tires.
  4. Why are some commercials aired on specific channels at all? We saw a commercial for life insurance for seniors while watching a UFC fight one night. It just seemed really weird place to advertise that. We also have seen mens products advertised on mostly women’s channels and vice versa. I’m just saying if you want the biggest bang for your buck advertise where you will have the biggest audience for your product.
  5. The commercials targeting children just don’t seem as subtle anymore.  Some just come right out that if your parents love you they should be buying you this. Thanks for making us have to say no to yet another useless product. Let’s be honest they want it because it looks so awesome on the show but it really isn’t as fun when they get it and will only use once or twice.
  6. Do we really need “that much” truth in advertising? There are just some things that we can leave a little more vague instead of going into full detail please.  Hemorrhoids’, E.D., and feminine odor problems may have numerous products available but when watching TV with the kids that may not be the most appropriate time to be hearing about them.
  7. Do we really want to see commercials anyway?  No. We love to record things to watch later so we can fast forward through commercials. The only exception to that is the Super Bowl where we actually sit down to watch the commercials ON PURPOSE!

What are  your feelings about commercials?


Comments on: "What’s with that Commercial?" (3)

  1. I don’t like commercials! “you may experience the following side effects: bleeding from the brain, left arm tingling and falling off, an excessive growth protruding from your nostril, suicidal thoughts…” etc. Thank goodness for Tivo!

  2. I am notorious for analyzing commercials. I hate when they make a commercial with obvious mistakes. The one that sticks out in my mind is pretending to cut a piece of wood, but when they grab the ‘Raw” wood you can clearly see it is already painted before they put it through the table saw. At least they could have tried to make it more realistic.
    I also watch commercials more than I watch the show.
    I usually crochet while watching hockey games and I find myself crocheting more when the game is on and less when there is a commercial. I am not sure if this is just my mind wanting a chance to pick apart the commercial or what.

    I agree with you on the Annoying spokespeople/ characters. I sometimes will start taping a show and wait 30 minutes before watching it just so I can not watch the commercials.

    I also agree that they have inappropriate commercials during a lot of shows now. 10 years ago you wouldn’t have adult commercials in a kids show and now you do.

    I think that companies are trying to hard too grab our attention that it just becomes more annoying and I refuse to buy products if I don’t like the ads.

    I really enjoy reading your posts. I think a lot along the same lines.

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