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People sometimes just have no clue! In an effort to be conversational or maybe even a show of support often comments are made that just don’t come out right and can offend someone. Nothing could be worse for an already hormonally challenged pregnant woman.

I came across this article on Yahoo that originally appeared on which had me reflecting on not only my own pregnancies but the times I have witnessed offensive comments being made to others. We certainly cannot control what others say and of course we can find offensive comments being made at any time, to anyone, for any reason! It just seems that those un-welcomed and uncomfortable comments are more common at a time when a woman can be more emotional and insecure. Just because a woman is pregnant does not mean she is ready to listen to other women’s birth stories. Particularly if they were not a good experience! Not every woman wants people touching her belly, especially strangers. During one of my pregnancies I actually had a woman (stranger) in the grocery store ask if she could rub my belly. Uh, NO!

Thankfully I never really got any of these comments because being a sarcastic person I am I probably would have given them an equally rude comment  right back. Here are some I have heard said to others though:

  • “Was this a planned pregnancy?”
  • “You look like your going to pop!”
  • “You really waddle when you walk now!”
  • “You are really swollen!”
  • “Who is the dad?”
  • “Wow, you’re going to have a fat baby!”
  • “It’s about time! We thought you would never have children!”

……………..and the list could go on!

Here is a list of the Top 10 Things Never to Say to a Pregnant Woman as listed in the Yahoo article.

  1. Are you sure your not having twins?
  2. Your so tiny you can barely tell your pregnant! That can’t be healthy.
  3. Are you disappointed it’s not a girl? (or boy)
  4. You’re going to breastfeed, right?
  5. Oh, you’re wide! You’re definitely having a girl!
  6. I was back in my skinny jeans a week after giving birth.
  7. I hope the baby gets your nose!
  8. Did you see the show about the baby with …(insert horrible disease here)…
  9. That must have been a surprise!
  10. Aren’t you too old to have a baby?

Oh if everyone would just think before speaking! Click here to see more of this article on Yahoo.

What comments have you experience during your pregnancy or heard said to someone else that was pregnant?


Comments on: "You Don’t Say That to a Pregnant Woman!" (11)

  1. hm.. sounds like I need to practice my ability to endure rude comments before I get pregnant.

    • It also depends on the quality of people you hang out with. You will find most people have the ability to actually think before speaking, but there is that rare case where someone is just clueless. Strangers is the one that weird’s me out that they think it is okay to say things like that to someone. Just be prepared to blow it off as an idiot comment from someone who is clueless! Pregnancy is such a wonderful time and silly comments shouldn’t ruin that great experience!

  2. I would have to say it’s a tie between number 2 and 6 for me. The ignorance of some people is amazing these days!

    • Ignorance is a great word! I have seen this with other situations when people make stupid comments but for a pregnant woman it is almost unforgivable!

      • I had a woman at target confront me in the baby aisle asking, ”How old is your baby? Why do you have them out in public exposing them to germs at only two weeks old?” What did she expect me to do? I needed diapers, lol. She then preceded to tell me after asking about my birth, that I shouldn’t ”feel bad” about having had a cesarean section. My mother was with me at the time, who shared the information I never would have with that lunatic. But seriously, feel bad? It was an emergency c-section, kinda out of my control, lol.

      • Ya know it is bad enough with someone you know making an off the wall comment, but a stranger is just weird! I had to borrow a car one time that was only a two two seater. When I was getting out at the store a woman approached me about how unsafe it was for my baby to ride up front. Really! So where should she be? In the trunk? You do what you have to do!

  3. Probably the rudest comment I ever heard was when a coworker innocently asked another “when she was due.”

    She wasn’t pregnant.

    • I too have heard that happen to someone. Don’t you feel so bad for them? One lady just said back “well thank you for telling me I am that fat!”. I just wish people would think first!

  4. the first day i wore a maternity dress (after crying because none clothes finally) my brother in law said “wow! i you are.embracing your biggness ”
    and yet another… “you’re as big as a.whale”

    • This is why women have the babies because men could never tolerate all the changes the body goes through. They also have no idea about hormones and emotions! Like I said I would probably have some “smart-a..” comeback that would put them in their place. Like “my excuse is I am pregnant, what is yours?” Some people think they are being cute when really it is just rude! I think pregnant women are beautiful!

  5. I was very offended by “was this a planned pregnancy?”.
    I didn’t like the breastfeeding question either. I basically dislike the making-conversation question-types ! I think it is always best to say nothing when you have nothing interesting to say.

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