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As a customer service phone agent I have heard all kinds of email addresses. There are however many people reluctant to provide their current email because something they thought what cute or sexy is now embarrassing to say to a complete stranger. Most people will use their name or a nick name. Some even have emails that refer to their favorite hobby like crafts, sports, books, movies, etc. Then there are those who think that “sexyman4u”,”urluvbuddy” or even “grannygrannybobanny” is a great idea until they are providing it to someone they don’t know or even worse in a professional setting such as a job application. Most customers I speak with want their confirmation email or shipping notification for their order so they feel obligated to supply an email address. Usually there is the awkward pause and then they spell it for you like you won’t notice what it is really saying but seriously…..I CAN READ! I do like the customers that own up to it and just say it with pride and have nothing to hide.

My advise is to pick an email address you feel comfortable giving to everyone. You can certainly obtain a separate email address for times you don’t want to give out your main email. Many email providers offer a way to link multiple email addresses together to receive and view them from one main email account. There are hundreds of free email services from G-mail, Yahoo, Hotmail, AIM, and so many more if you search the internet.

This brings me to safety for our children. We have been trying to keep up with our children’s interest in technology and one thing we are big on is their privacy and security. When using the internet and other sites requiring email addresses it would be better to have an email name that does not have your child’s name in it. Have them pick an email address that refers to their favorite book, movie, cartoon character, stuffed animal, nick name, etc. Get them involved in personalizing a fun email name for themselves. If you are like us you may also want to have their password!

What do you think about email address names?

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  1. Great post! I will never forget when a boyfriend of mine was giving his email address to our youth leader and he said and the youth pastor told him it was completely inappropriate to put the title hot male in his email. I still laugh about it to this day. I have seen some crazy ones and everywhere you go they ask you for it. Good advice.

  2. many years ago, when we were getting our first computer my dad was asked about what he wanted his email address to be. He deflected the question to my mother who wanted something applicable to my father, so she suggested his favorite movie, and the year of his motorcycle. As a 16 yr old, it was very awkward to explain to my mother why easyrider69 was not a good choice.

  3. Hehe I was never sure about hotmail either for the exact same reason…!
    Computers became “popular” when I was about 17 years old and I think my first one was dragon-something. Then I upgraded to dancedreamer…anyways, I have about 4 different ones. Definitely more professional than these. I changed it when I started working around 18.

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