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I hope I never stop loving my car because I really am spending more and more time in it. Along with the other hats I wear during the day my “taxi driver” hat is being worn a lot! It appears that each year my kids grow older we find additional things that require me to take them here, there and everywhere. I swear that my seat never gets cold because as soon as I get home I am right back out the door to go somewhere else. My kids are only involved in a few school activities, clubs and our church youth group. I don’t know how other parents do it whose kids are involved in many other outside activities.

I really think that car manufacturers could make a mint on the “taxi driver mom’s” if they included a kitchen and laundry room so that we could get more chores done while on the road and waiting in the car rider lines! Technology supplied us with all kinds of entertainment in our cars from radio, navigation systems and DVD systems so why not a microwave and washer? You are probably now thinking that they do make that. They are called motor homes. Believe me I have thought about it!

With gas prices rising it is a fear of mine on how these increasing trips everywhere will play out. I go through almost a whole tank of gas a week and I basically only travel within a 5 mile radius from my home during that week. We certainly want to encourage our children to participate in a variety of activities but I do worry how families can continue to afford all these trips with higher gas prices.

On the flip side I do love the time I can spend talking with my kids and connecting with them. We enjoy singing songs and talking about the day. My car has become the place to catch up with them even more than the dinner table anymore!

How many hours a day do you spend driving your kids?


Comments on: "When did I become a Taxi Driver?" (3)

  1. So true (and so funny!) – I spend a lot of time in my car and it’s not always for the kids! I have many happy memories (and I’m making them still) with road trips to my parents, especially in the Summer (last summer I travelled every weekend)…just me and my boy(s). Hubby likes having the house to himself, and I get a mini get-away!

  2. OH the dreaded road trip! As a kid we didn’t have all the electronic conveniences they do today! We had books and maybe a walk man! It was always a fight over leg room and someone falling asleep on the other as a family of 6 in a car that seats 6.

    My kids can’t even make it for an hour ride somewhere round town without fighting and we are a family of 5 spread out in a car that seats 8 and they do have all their electronic gadgets and games!

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