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My daughter has a singing competition in junior high and has been searching for an “oldies” song that is from the 1980’s and older. First of all I am depressed to hear of songs from the 80’s being considered “oldies” cause that then directly refers to me as an “oldie” too!

My husband and I sat down with her the other day and started playing video’s on YouTube of the best music from the 80’s. Be warned if you ever decide to do this you will lose hours out of your day. We could not turn it off! Each song we would say “this is a good one” or “I love this song”. We would sing along and talk about all the famous groups and singers from that time, the cool music videos, or somewhere we remember hearing a song like a dance or party. We remembered when MTV actually played music video’s all day long. As we watched we would cringed at the different clothing styles in the videos not wanting to admit that was ever in style. Even worse I was trying to forget the memories of the big hair. I swear I was brain washed into doing that and I will stick to that story. I hope I have burned all those photo’s so they cannot be used against me later!

The next day my daughter was again playing music and videos from the 80’s. She said that she loves the music from “our” time and how lucky we were to grow up with such awesome music. After spending hours listening to it the day before I have to agree. There are some great songs throughout all time but the 80’s music will never die. Maybe it is because it was during my teen and young adult years but I like to think we had some music with style!

What are your favorite songs or groups from the 80’s?


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  1. I was really into the Hair bands of the 80’s.okay I am still into the hair bands of the 80’s. lol
    I just had a 80’s themed birthday party. I have one every few years because I love the bad clothing and music.
    I feel your “pain” whenever the 80’s are referred to as oldie music, because growing up oldie music was the 50’s and 60’s.
    Keep Rockin’!!!!

  2. What type of music does she like?

    • Right now she is into most top 40 music which is like Adele, Bruno Mars, Usher, etc. Love songs and even upbeat dance style music. Even some hip hop as long as it isn’t too gangsta, lol! She loves all the 80’s music though like songs from The Cars, Deaf Lepard, U2, Heart, and the list goes on. I don’t think there was one song she didn’t like of those we showed her. She also likes oldies from other years too like Queen and The Beatles.

  3. Oh how fun! I totally love the 80’s! She must have heard some of these in movies and stuff before as well.

    Just went through my iPod and here are some of my faves! Make sure you look them on YouTube if you’re not sure what the song is because they’re all awesome 🙂 Love the synthesizers! (And sorry about the long list 😛 I couldn’t resist)

    Duran Duran – Hungry Like The Wolf
    Duran Duran – Girls On Film
    Air Supply – All Out Of Love
    Extreme – More Than Words
    When In Rome – The Promise
    Prince – Kiss
    Fine Young Cannibals – She Drives Me Crazy
    Thompson Twins – Hold Me Now
    Laura Branigan – Self Control
    John Mellencamp – Jack and Diane
    Men At Work – Down Under (Being from Australia, I had to post this 😛 hehe)
    Hall & Oats – She’s A Maniac
    Aha – Take On Me
    Steve Winwood – Valerie
    Bryan Adams – Run To You
    Michael Jackson – Billie Jean
    Twisted Sister – We’re Not Gonna Take It
    The Romantics – What I like About You
    Bon Jovi – Livin’ On A Prayer
    Van Halen – Jump
    Phil Collins – Easy Lover
    Police – Every Breath You Take

    I’ll leave it at that 😛 ENJOY!

    debut dad

    • I think all you listed are ones we listened to and more. Youtube has a ton of best of the 80’s clips with just little pieces of each song and so we watched a ton of those hearing hundreds of songs. She had already heard Take on Me by Aha because I listen to it often and showed her the video once. Thanks for sharing some of your favorites cause they are mine too! The list literally could just keep going couldn’t it. That is why I love the 80’s music!

  4. Recently I started to listen a lot of 80’s songs played in the best thematic radio in my country ( and especially I added to my MP3 player list some songs by Frankie goes to Hollywood (“Two Tribes” and the most famous “Relax”).
    Even thought the usage of synthesizers was really common, in pop as in rock music as well, there were always something particular like an unexpected riff or a mix of noises that make songs enjoyable now and then.

    P.S. I think I’m going to download “Good Thing” by Fine Young Cannibals (very famous song you still may find in TV ads 😉 )

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    I’m happy to get know of young people of the new century that discovers some great pieces of music at the time of artists like Frankie goes to Hollywood, Cyndi Lauper and so on.

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