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The Best Reptile for a Pet

My daughter loves snakes and each time we went to the library she would check out books on snakes. Naturally she has wanted a pet snake for as long as I can remember. For me anytime I think of snakes I am taken back to the scene in Indiana JonesRaiders of the Lost Ark” where they are trapped and surrounded by snakes and Indiana is on the ground face to face with a king cobra.  I encountered a snake while doing yard work with my family.  I actually was using the weed eater and it startled me and I jumped into action.  Lets just say there wasn’t much left for my husband to identify what type of snake it was after I had a few rounds with the weed eater.  Poor thing!  So any snake, venomous or not,  is an enemy to me.

I told you that story so I could tell you this one. My husband and I had owned a Blue Iguana named Enigma back when we first were married that I actually enjoyed as a pet.  So after being asked for the millionth time about a pet snake I suggested to my daughter that she get an iguana or some other species of lizard. She did some checking online and we finally ended up bringing home a Bearded Dragon that she named Sasquatch (aka. Sassy or Squatch). This was the best decision in the world because you could not ask for a better reptile for a pet. She is the sweetest, friendliest, cutest, snuggly little thing that the whole family loves!


Bearded dragons are very docile and friendly. Sassy lets everyone hold her.  She loves to snuggle and fall asleep on your chest, shoulder or hand. She does not startle or run away when you pick her up. She frankly is very tolerant when being passed around and played with by different people.  Although she can be active at times, most of the time she just lets you hold her or sits on your shoulder.

Bearded dragons as babies eat mostly protein (crickets,meal worms) and some vegetables. If you have never seen a baby Bearded Dragon go out to a pet store and see one today. They are adorable! Once full-grown Bearded Dragon’s eat less of the protein and mostly vegetables. They live in an aquarium and do require a special light and heat source but other than that they are very easy to care for. There can be a risk salmonella exposure but really you should look at it no differently then when you handle raw meats. Just make sure after handling a reptile or cleaning up feces that you clean your hands and any surface areas that have been soiled. We all could be cleaning our hands during the day more anyway right!

What types of reptiles have made good pets for you?