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You Don’t Say That to a Pregnant Woman!

People sometimes just have no clue! In an effort to be conversational or maybe even a show of support often comments are made that just don’t come out right and can offend someone. Nothing could be worse for an already hormonally challenged pregnant woman.

I came across this article on Yahoo that originally appeared on which had me reflecting on not only my own pregnancies but the times I have witnessed offensive comments being made to others. We certainly cannot control what others say and of course we can find offensive comments being made at any time, to anyone, for any reason! It just seems that those un-welcomed and uncomfortable comments are more common at a time when a woman can be more emotional and insecure. Just because a woman is pregnant does not mean she is ready to listen to other women’s birth stories. Particularly if they were not a good experience! Not every woman wants people touching her belly, especially strangers. During one of my pregnancies I actually had a woman (stranger) in the grocery store ask if she could rub my belly. Uh, NO!

Thankfully I never really got any of these comments because being a sarcastic person I am I probably would have given them an equally rude comment  right back. Here are some I have heard said to others though:

  • “Was this a planned pregnancy?”
  • “You look like your going to pop!”
  • “You really waddle when you walk now!”
  • “You are really swollen!”
  • “Who is the dad?”
  • “Wow, you’re going to have a fat baby!”
  • “It’s about time! We thought you would never have children!”

……………..and the list could go on!

Here is a list of the Top 10 Things Never to Say to a Pregnant Woman as listed in the Yahoo article.

  1. Are you sure your not having twins?
  2. Your so tiny you can barely tell your pregnant! That can’t be healthy.
  3. Are you disappointed it’s not a girl? (or boy)
  4. You’re going to breastfeed, right?
  5. Oh, you’re wide! You’re definitely having a girl!
  6. I was back in my skinny jeans a week after giving birth.
  7. I hope the baby gets your nose!
  8. Did you see the show about the baby with …(insert horrible disease here)…
  9. That must have been a surprise!
  10. Aren’t you too old to have a baby?

Oh if everyone would just think before speaking! Click here to see more of this article on Yahoo.

What comments have you experience during your pregnancy or heard said to someone else that was pregnant?

Where was this stuff when my kids were younger?

As a parent I have serious baby and toddler product envy!  I have noticed lately how many products are out there that if they had been available when my kids were babies and toddlers I totally would have bought it.  Obviously I was not the only one who found challenges when raising babies and toddlers  because these new products are popular for a reason.  With a few of these new conveniences life would have run much smoother.  Those inventors are now making millions off my pain and suffering.  Well, maybe not actual pain and suffering but certainly frustration and a little hair pulling (my hair not my kids, just in case you were wondering)!

In all the trips to Wal-Mart, Target, Department Stores, and baby stores like Babies R Us these are just a few of the things I had never seen when my kids were younger.

  • Cart Covers: Although I would put a blanket down and wipe the child area of the cart down I totally would cringe when I would turn around and see my child sucking on the hand rail. They also could only last so long before they got tired of sitting and I am sure part of that is because the seat is hard and uncomfortable!
  • Diaper & Toiletries Organizer: We did our best to organize with plastic buckets and such but this just looks better and hangs on the side of the crib.  How awesome is that!
  • Juice Box Holder: My kids usedSippy Cups forever because I didn’t want things to spill. Juice boxes are more convenient for traveling and do not require refrigeration.  My kids would always end up squeezing them too hard or laying them down where they would leak out.  These would have been helpful to transition them from sippy cups to juice boxes.
  • Spill Proof Snack Cup: We always had snacks available when out but just in regular snap lid containers.  We always found those little hands would dive in for the snacks and spill half of them on the floor or the container would just get knocked over.  This allows them to help themselves without all the mess.
  • Snack & Play Travel Tray: We had daily trips in the car and often they were for an hour or longer.  Although we would have snacks and activities it often was distracting to have a child wanting something and having to hand it to them while driving.  This would have been perfect to set them up with snacks and play items along with a table top to do things on and they would have been set!

What new products do you wish you had for your children when they were young? If you’re a parent of young children now what products do you find most useful so I can add them to my “I wish I would have had that” list?