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What’s with that Commercial?

  1. You know a commercial is played to often when you know the jingle and find yourself singing it often. That is good advertising on their part because even if you don’t need their services you still recall their product from the jingle.
  2. What is with the commercials that have just a weird spokes person or character that just won’t go away? I won’t name any specific commercials but we all find those that are just annoying or even a little on the weirdo freaky side. Those companies just keep making more with that strange annoying spokes person or character. I guess the same could be said for off the wall weird or inappropriate slogans.
  3. How about the commercials that are just so hilarious or otherwise awesome to the point that you really didn’t even pay attention to what the commercial was selling? Some go to huge lengths to make sure the commercial is so outgoing that they lose sight of making sure their product is featured. We have laughed at dozens of commercials and even talked about them later to only realize we have no idea if they were selling jeans, beer, or car tires.
  4. Why are some commercials aired on specific channels at all? We saw a commercial for life insurance for seniors while watching a UFC fight one night. It just seemed really weird place to advertise that. We also have seen mens products advertised on mostly women’s channels and vice versa. I’m just saying if you want the biggest bang for your buck advertise where you will have the biggest audience for your product.
  5. The commercials targeting children just don’t seem as subtle anymore.  Some just come right out that if your parents love you they should be buying you this. Thanks for making us have to say no to yet another useless product. Let’s be honest they want it because it looks so awesome on the show but it really isn’t as fun when they get it and will only use once or twice.
  6. Do we really need “that much” truth in advertising? There are just some things that we can leave a little more vague instead of going into full detail please.  Hemorrhoids’, E.D., and feminine odor problems may have numerous products available but when watching TV with the kids that may not be the most appropriate time to be hearing about them.
  7. Do we really want to see commercials anyway?  No. We love to record things to watch later so we can fast forward through commercials. The only exception to that is the Super Bowl where we actually sit down to watch the commercials ON PURPOSE!

What are  your feelings about commercials?


“I’m Not Tired, Can I Stay Up and Clean?”

You can’t make this up! My son actually said that to me one night this week. We have a chore chart that rotates each week and some weeks are done better than others. My son is by far the best at doing his chores without being asked and he is only 9. This week his chore was dishes and he made sure they were done! I even found the dishwasher going the other morning to my surprise because I don’t remember many dishes in the sink. Of course when I opened the dishwasher there indeed were only 4 dishes in there and it was going! Too cute! I had to explain to him later that he can load the dishwasher and wait until the end of the day when it is more full to run them.

So back to the title. After doing the dishes one night he decided to clean off the kitchen counter with the cleaning spray. He then moved to the table. Then just started cleaning things around the house like the shower doors, sinks, bathroom counters, etc. That is when we said it was bedtime and he said “I’m not tired can I stay up and clean? Oh if we could only bottle that type of enthusiasm for cleaning! I am still trying to figure out if he really was having fun cleaning or if he just thought that would allow him to stay up later.

We have tried to make our children understand the importance of work as well as the need to help around the house because they live there too. This education and experience will hopefully follow them when they leave home. Their rooms are their responsibility, however most days it looks like a bomb went off. Their idea of cleaning their room is find the closest area to shove something under or into and now that it is “out of sight” it is clean. We are still working on that!  We started with chores when they were younger and of course they were more basic but have progressed to larger responsibilities or ones they are required to do without help now that they are older. Our chore chart now consists of 3 different major chores that will rotate each week so they each get a chance to do something different weekly.

  • Laundry:  
  1. Pick up all laundry around house on floors and from baskets
  2. Sort laundry
  3. Fold laundry and help put up
  • Dishes:
  1. Pick up dirty dishes from around the house
  2. Load dishwasher
  3. Empty dishwasher
  4. Clean counters and dining table
  • Floors/Trash/Bathrooms:
  1. Clean trash from floors
  2. Sweep and spot mop floors
  3. Take out the trash
  4. Clean bathrooms once during the week

What chores do your children do around the house?



What would get you literally jumping out of bed in the morning more than the smell of bacon? Isn’t the world just a better place when bacon is involved? Chef’s have dedicated entire cookbooks around this one ingredient! Seriously doesn’t everything taste better with bacon?

There is a whole industry that pays tribute to bacon! I got my husband a t-shirt for Christmas that says “You Had Me at Bacon”. There were a dozen other clothing items to choose from all centered around bacon. If you search Amazon you will find all types of gifts that claim to look, smelling or taste like bacon. There is the Bacon Air Freshener, Bacon and Maple Syrup Lollipop, Bacon BandagesBacon Flavored Toothpicks, and Bacon Lip Balm.  How about carrying around your money in a Bacon Wallet? If you just can’t get enough bacon flavor why not try adding a variety of Bacon Salts or Bacon Hot Sauce? You can even give your loved one the gift of Bacon Roses for your next special occasion!

We usually have several packages of bacon in our freezer which has become a staple in our home. During Hurricane Ike our power was out and the very first morning our neighbors were out bright and early cooking bacon in their backyard. Being summertime in Houston with no power meant everyone had their windows open to get some cooler fresh air. Of course that bacon scent just wafted into our home sparking the question from everyone, “do we have any bacon”? Sadly no we did not and that quickly went on our list of supplies we will always keep on hand for any emergency! I really try to stock up when I can find a coupon or can price-match at Wal-Mart the sale price from another store.

I have several recipes that my family loves that include bacon like Baked Potato Soup, Chicken Carbonara, and a Stuffed Chicken Breast. We often do a breakfast style dinner and it always includes bacon! My biggest obstacle though is when I fix bacon for these dishes I find I need to make extra otherwise as I am cooking it starts to disappear when my back is turned and I am left with little to use for the recipe.

Do you have also have an obsession with bacon? Please share your recipe ideas too!

Why is that Song Stuck in my Head???

I often will hear a song and it becomes stuck in my head all day long. Even after trying to listen to other music I will find I still begin humming the same tune eventually sometime that day. It would be okay if it was a song I liked but often it is to the contrary. Like the time I had to catch a flight for a business trip and on the way to the airport my husband was singing a goofy variation of the alphabet song. I am sure you have guessed that yes I indeed was humming and singing that song for TWO DAYS! So my question is why does it always have to be songs that annoy me or are silly that get stuck in my head?

I also have a daughter who is extremely silly, sarcastic and loves to tease. In her defense she takes after both of her parents so this is a naturally inherited trait that she does so well! She loves to push my buttons by purposely singing a song she knows will annoy me and likely get stuck in my head.

Then there are the times I start to sing a song and wonder where in the world that came from. I haven’t heard it recently and I just realize I am singing or humming it. I actually was in Wal-Mart one day totally by myself and suddenly realized I was humming a tune from The Little Mermaid. My kids are a little older so it had been some time since we had seen that movie so that in itself was weird. Doesn’t it seem weird to you for a 30 something woman all alone to be singing “Part of Your World” from a Disney movie?

I also have the wonderful talent of hearing someone say a word and it immediately triggers a connection with a song that I start singing or hear it playing as a constant stream in my head.

How do you get a song out of your head?

What Kids Say in Public

How many times have you been walking through the store with your child and they not so quietly say “who farted” or “I need to go pooh”? Oh the joys of parenthood as you usually are surrounded by crowds of people who also get to enjoy the moment. Have you ever had the pleasure of your really young child deciding the store is a good place to discuss their new knowledge of what makes boys and girls different and your efforts to get them to stop talking or whisper are futile?

I guess this could be expanded to include actions as well as words. I have had my children doing the potty dance in public with their hands holding certain body parts and screaming they need to go to the bathroom.

I always enjoyed the awkward moments when standing in the check out lane or just walking around a store and out pops “that lady is really fat” or “look at that guys blue hair”. That person of course is standing two feet in front of you and is now giving you the stare glare. Of course as adults we understand the ramblings and innocence of small children, but what about the times this happens with the not so small children? I have turned every shade of red known to man out of embarrassment and then turned blue in the face as I held my breath to keep me from going off on my child right there. You often just do that apologetic eye contact with the insulted party and all is good because in that moment they know once in the car or at home that child is getting an ear full!

There are some good teaching moments in those later conversations with children about proper social skills and what is appropriate in public. Although we all see things we consider different or weird we learn to keep it to ourselves out of respect for others and we all had to learn those manners at some point too. It just seems that those teaching moments happen more often  in that humiliating public setting more than at home in a controlled environment!

Just to be fair to the children I have witnessed many elderly people who obviously are hard of hearing also not so quietly making comments. Their adult children or caregivers who are accompanying them look just a surprised and embarrassed as us younger parent’s.

What are your stories of the embarrassing comments or actions your child has made in public?

Why does…….?

Why does…….

  • Everything taste better with bacon?
  • Traffic lanes move faster after you have just changed out of that lane?
  • Graham crackers soak up moisture from the air like a sponge and get soggy so quickly?
  • Something that sounded awesome and was put on your dinner menu for the week now sounds repulsive the rest of the week and is never fixed?
  • Things always look more positive after a piece of chocolate?
  • A celebrity endorsement make something more appealing?
  • A person wear flip-flops when going on a cave tour?
  • Mom’s shirt become your napkin or Kleenex?
  • All the T.V. channels go on commercial break at the same time?
  • The car break down just as you paid off the last car repair bill?
  • Being famous mean you are cool for giving your child a whacked out name?
  • Food always taste better when someone else makes it?
  • Someone text you when they are sitting in the next room?
  • A hot shower feel so good?
  • Someone come into an empty movie theater and sit literally right behind you?
  • Your child wait before the day a school project is due to mention it?
  • Something go on sale just after you bought it at full price?
  • Every class assign homework on the one night you have no time?
  • Rubbing your eyes sometimes feel so good that you can’t stop rubbing them?
  • The hospital send you home without an owners manual when you have a baby?
  • All the clothes seem to be thrown on the floor right in front of the clothes hamper?
  • A child go all day at school with one bathroom break but has to go twice during a one hour church meeting?
  • Leaving your cell phone at home make you panic and turn around to go get it?
  • Your car only make that noise when your husband is not around?
  • Your child beg for a box of cereal they just have to have when they will only be eating one bowl and then leaving it to go bad in the cupboard?
  • Running into your neighbors while out shopping happen more often than seeing each other where you actually live?
What are your why’s?

OOPS, Thought Nobody Was Looking

There is a Dairy Queen that just opened near us.  We won’t even go into how dangerous that is!  A few days ago I was by myself in the car and decided to stop by to pick up a dessert for my kids.  One of my daughters loves their Blizzards so as the lady was handing me all the desserts she turned the Blizzard upside down and then handed it to me.  It has been awhile since we have had Dairy Queen and I had forgotten that they did that to show how thick the Blizzards are.  So as she left the window to get the rest of the items I was still chuckling about turning the Blizzard upside down.  So what do I do?  When I think nobody is looking I took the blizzard and turned it upside down a few times and had a laugh with myself.  I set it back in the cup holder, turned back to the window and noticed there was a man standing there with the rest of my order.  He obviously had been there long enough to see me being silly and said “I am a professional, that is my job to do that”.  Can we just say awkward!  No this isn’t the first nor the last time I will do something silly when I didn’t know someone was watching.

What silly things has someone seen you do when you didn’t realize they were watching?