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Tips for Perfect Cookie Dough

Raw cookie dough in cookie clumps.

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After seeing this article on Yahoo today I certainly am putting “cookie making with the kids” on my spring break list! I think everyone has their favorite cookie and certainly we all want to sneak a taste of the dough even though we have been advised against consuming products with raw eggs. Who can resist? And who doesn’t like the smell of fresh-baked cookies? I mean they make candles with that scent because we love it so much!

Although the perfect cookie for me is the pre-packaged cookie dough in the store that you just pull out of the package and bake, I do sometimes venture to make cookies from scratch. Most people will have the ingredients for baking cookies on hand and these are easy ingredients to stock up when on sale or you have a coupon.

This article gives some really simple tips in the way ingredients are mixed as well as other suggestions of how to get your cookies to come out consistent and how to adjust the recipe to your personal preference for the perfect cookie. This is instructions for a basic a chocolate chip cookie dough but it also has suggestions of variations for the same basic dough so we can get creative!

Check out the article HERE and let me know what cookies you are going to be baking soon!

OOPS, Thought Nobody Was Looking

There is a Dairy Queen that just opened near us.  We won’t even go into how dangerous that is!  A few days ago I was by myself in the car and decided to stop by to pick up a dessert for my kids.  One of my daughters loves their Blizzards so as the lady was handing me all the desserts she turned the Blizzard upside down and then handed it to me.  It has been awhile since we have had Dairy Queen and I had forgotten that they did that to show how thick the Blizzards are.  So as she left the window to get the rest of the items I was still chuckling about turning the Blizzard upside down.  So what do I do?  When I think nobody is looking I took the blizzard and turned it upside down a few times and had a laugh with myself.  I set it back in the cup holder, turned back to the window and noticed there was a man standing there with the rest of my order.  He obviously had been there long enough to see me being silly and said “I am a professional, that is my job to do that”.  Can we just say awkward!  No this isn’t the first nor the last time I will do something silly when I didn’t know someone was watching.

What silly things has someone seen you do when you didn’t realize they were watching?