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Easiest School Volcano Project Ever!

Volcano Project

My son is in third grade and they recently had to make a volcano for school. My two daughters had done this in the past but opted to go a different route with an edible volcano. I will post about that soon I promise cause it was such a huge success. I wanted to post this one today because it was by far much easier and came together fairly quickly. Click here to see the website that we found the instructions for this volcano.  It has really good pictures showing each step.  The picture above is the our finished volcano!

This only requires a small cardboard box with no lid (find them easily at the grocery store), newspaper, tape, aluminum foil, paint, empty water bottle and moss or sand to decorate. The website called for a vile for the center but we just used an empty water bottle and frankly because it is more narrow in the opening when we put the chemicals for the lava in it actually popped up about two inches above the top of the volcano and then flowed down. Others who had a wider opening at the top just had their lava ooze over the top. He had the best reaction by far because everyone was excited to see it actually “erupt” and blow up into the air a bit!

We took the water bottle and used duct tape to secure it to the cardboard box. We crumpled up newspaper and built it up around the bottle and used tape to help secure the paper pieces together. We then took pieces of aluminum foil and wrapped them from the top down pressing into the newspaper to make it look more rough and mountainous. Where the foil overlapped we put double-stick tape to secure the seams. We bought Krylon Make It Stone paint that makes it look more rough and rocky then just one tone. After drying we used spray glue to attach moss around areas of the volcano and around the base to look like trees.

For the lava it is really simple. We took an empty water bottle and filled it with about 1/4 cup baking soda, one drop of dish soap, red dye (enough to get the color you want) and warm water. Leave room at the top to be able to shake the ingredients together because the baking powder does settle at the bottom and has to be shaken before using. When time to make the volcano erupt we poured about 1/4 cup of vinegar into the water bottle inside the volcano. We then poured the baking powder mixture in and stood back as it erupted!

Have you made a volcano for a school project before?  What success stories do you have with any school projects you have done with your kids?