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Edible Volcano

I do have to post this because many of you may be doing volcano projects at school and I guarantee that if you have your teachers permission this will be a huge hit with the students because they get to eat it! This would be fun for parties too!

Several years ago my oldest daughter had a volcano project at school. She had eaten a dessert called the chocolate volcano once and thought it would be cool to do one for school. Easier said then done until my mother and I got brainstorming. We borrowed my mother’s chocolate fountain and got to work on how to build some cake up around the fountain. When all was said and done it was the most awesome volcano we had ever seen. So, of course the following year when my other daughter had a volcano project we had to repeat the edible volcano!

I apologize I do not have pictures of each step nor of the finished volcano so I hope the pictures I do show help to give you visual of what to do.

  • First you need a chocolate fountain. Some are taller than others so you may not need all three layers as I describe. The one I used was a larger version so you may have to do a trial round first and put it all together to make sure what works before the actual event or adjust your cake sizes to fit a smaller fountain. You need a chocolate fountain that will allow you to only use the cylinder with top & auger parts without having to use the different plastic tiersYou will be building up around the cylinder only.
  • Take a round cake cardboard (can find at any craft store and Wal-Mart). Cut a whole in the center. Slide down around the base of the cylinder to lie flat on the top of the bowl of the fountain. You will be layering your cakes on top of this cardboard.
  • You will need to make three different chocolate cakes.

  1. The first is a one layer round cake. I used about a 15-16 inch pan and the cake was about 2 inches high. You will cut a whole in the middle and slide down the cylinder to lie on the cardboard cake piece.
  2. The second cake is a bundt cake. Mine was about a 12 inch cake pan. This you will slide down the cylinder to lie on top of the first cake. Notice it “already” has a whole so that job is done for you! Yippy!
  3. The last cake if you need it is an oversized cupcake for the top. Notice in the picture it has a normal size cupcake and then the larger cupcake. If you look in most kitchen supply areas next to the normal 12 cupcake pans they should have the larger size 6 cupcake pan. Take the cupcake and carefully cut a whole in the center. Turn the cupcake upside down so the large top will now be on the bottom. Carefully slide it down the cylinder to lie on the top of the bundt cake. You should be able to place the lid top for the cylinder on after putting on the cupcake.
  • Now that your cakes make a pyramid type shape you will need to frost and decorate it. Using chocolate frosting make sure to cover the entire cake and up around the sides of the cylinder top. You can also decorate it with green sprinkles in areas to look like trees or if you feel very talented you can pipe frosting to look like rocks and trees around the cake.
  • For the actual lava you will take approximately 1-2 bottles of Hershey’s Caramel Syrup depending on the size of your fountain. Add enough red food coloring and shake the caramel in the bottle until you get the color you want. Before you present your volcano fill the base of the fountain with the caramel. Make sure you have enough caramel to allow the fountain to run properly! If your cardboard goes all the way to the edges of the fountain bowl you may have to cut a small whole at one edge of the cardboard before putting it on the base to allow you room to pour in the caramel.
  • Now the fun part! Turn on the fountain and watch the caramel lava flow out the top and down around your cake. Cut and serve!
What things have you made to eat that were as fun to look at as they were to eat?