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Suffering Seasonal Allergies

Do you enjoy walking around feeling like a may fly is buzzing around in your nose making you on the verge of sneezing every few seconds?  Is it fun to have one eye watering and shrinking up making your eye bright red and face look deformed?  I know I don’t!

I suffer from seasonal allergies which I guess Houston’s season is “all year-long”!  I certainly notice the allergies more whenever a weather front (cold or hot) comes blowing through.

I get a laugh too because my eyes will often start to water like the Hoover Dam flood gates have opened at the worst time possible.  Just get this visual of me sitting in a movie that isn’t sad and I look like a bawling baby!  The last time was watching the latest Twilight movie with my daughter right during the  notorious “love scene”.  Yeah, that just would not be something I would be crying at!  Thankfully it made the moment really funny and we both had a  good laugh missing most of that scene anyway!

My son also gets what are called “allergy shiners” where he has purple circles  under his eyes that only go away when he takes allergy medicine.  I had taken other allergy medications before but when my son’s doctor had recommended Zyrtec we both started taking it.  My sister also recommended Zyrtec-D which you have to get over the counter.  I try not to take the medication daily but I certainly run for it when I feel the attacks coming on.

What do you do for your allergies?