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Stay At Home Parenting A Better Option For You?

I had read this article on Yahoo that got me thinking about this topic. It discusses the benefits of having one parent stay at home. This certainly is not meant to be a guilt trip for those who currently work outside the home but I looked at it more as a guide to help families when making those decisions. The article discusses that often the cost of working versus staying at home almost equal each other out when you factor in the different expenses involved to actually work.Click here if you would like to read the article on Yahoo.

I certainly would never want to be the judge of another families choice to have both parents work outside the home or to have a stay at home parent. There are too many variables at play with each families circumstances which I certainly would not know. Many choose to work because they love having a career or enjoy the field they work in. Others work out of necessity, especially single parents. Many opt to have one parent work part-time to dedicate more time at home, and other families opt to have one parent stay at home full-time.  I applaud all those parents who make sacrifices and hard decisions to provide the best for their families!

We had to make many choices starting from when we were first married and they have changed over the years to adjust for different circumstances as our family grew. I worked full-time when we were married. I did continue to work full-time after we started our family however we decided to adjust our work schedules. I discussed with my employer about working a later schedule which allowed my husband and I to each be home with our children while the other worked. We are truly blessed to have a husband/father who wanted to be with our children in that role and understood the importance of the time and effort he spent being a caregiver as well as the provider.

About five years later I did take a position closer to home that was a day job and my girls started daycare. When my son was born a year later he had Apnea which required him to be on a monitor 24 hours a day to detect problems with  his breathing. Although there are daycare’s who will take a child with an Apnea monitor they were very expensive because they have to be licensed for that type of care and not close to our home. This made us look for other options. I began delivering newspapers at night part-time to once again allow my husband and I to be at home with our kids around the clock. I worked the overnight shift again until I was able to find something I now do from home part-time. I continue to work part-time to assist with family expenses and am very blessed for a husband who for a large part of our marriage has worked a full-time job and part-time job to help cover expenses and provide insurance benefits.  This has allowed me to work part-time and care for our home and family needs. It also has given me an opportunity to donate time at my children’s schools and provide more service at our church.

I have many friends who work and many who stay at home with their children. I also have a brother-in-law who is the stay at home parent. His wife is amazing, has a great job and can be the families provider.  They opted to have him stay at home with their two beautiful children and he magnifies his job as a father in taking care of their home and children. So there truly are many options available and I hope every couple will explore different options that they may not have thought of when making decisions for their family.

For us we had to make choices as our family circumstances changed. We believe our children have benefited from having a parent at home since birth and both of us have shared in their milestones, homework, activities and so much more.

What have you found works best for your family?